In 1985 I Joined the Altrincham Speakers Club then in 2001, with the help of others formed the South Manchester Speakers Club.
I joined a Speakers Club initially to improve and to gain an advantage in a presentation skill which I had to use in my working environment.
The benefits have been that I was able to make choices and a career change followed, also I now have the confidence, enthusiasm and ability to speak in any situation.
I have made many life time friends and acquaintances, developed an inspired confidence which can be both life supporting and changing!
The Speakers Club has helped me in my development and in turn all the members help each other as well as welcoming and supporting new members.
We are a friendly, supportive group of people from all walks of life the common denominator is we all seem to be of a giving and supportive nature.
The key element of the Speakers movement is Evaluation, something delivered in a positive yet in a critique way giving advice rather than criticism.

The benefits are many:

• Ongoing practise and development, feedback and most importantly having
• Lots of fun and laughter amongst a supportive group of people.
• It’s also a hobby set in an entertaining and learning environment.

Richard Aves says many thanks to all:


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August 17, 2015